Optomen is an independent television production company known for the flair, originality and attention to detail we bring to our productions. We’re in the top 30 independent production companies in the UK and we’re still growing. We’re passionate about television, and pride ourselves on making high quality programmes that viewers love. We’ve made shows for all UK broadcasters including: Great British Menu, Mary, Queen of Shops and The Naked Chef for BBC2; Police, Camera, Action for ITV; Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word and Jump London for Channel 4; Market Kitchen for UKTV Food; Great British Christmas for Sky One; Hannah Glasse: The First Domestic Goddess for BBC4; and Japanese Schoolgirls for Discovery UK.

Ramsay's Costa Del Nightmares

In Costa Del Nightmares Gordon Ramsay takes on a whole new nightmare: Brits who left the UK with dreams of running a restaurant in the sun only to find themselves stuck in a struggling business, with no idea how to turn their fortunes around and not enough money to come back home. more»»


Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I'm Gay

In Undercover Doctor, Dr Christian Jessen, explores the weird new world of gay cures and a group of people who describe themselves as ‘ex-gay’. Boldly undertaking some of these “cures” himself, he’ll explore whether it's possible to be cured, or whether these cures are damaging the desperate men and women who try them. more»»

Best New Restaurant

Bravo’s Best New Restaurant, from Executive Producer Gordon Ramsay, is a new cutting edge food competition series that takes the talent and the judges out of the studio and into the kitchens and dining rooms of a city’s best new restaurants. more»»

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